How The Coronavirus Positively Affected Text Marketing Forever

November 23, 2020

How The Coronavirus Positively Affected Text Marketing Forever

This year, DTC industry growth has rapidly accelerated. 

In 2020, we’re seeing numbers we didn’t expect to see for another decade. We are living out the year 2030 in 2020. It took more than fifteen years for eCommerce to account for 15% of all retail sales. 

Now, In the wake of the coronavirus, Market Watch recently estimated eCommerce to account for 25% of all retail sales by 2025.

With the consumer being quarantined, they are spending more time than ever before on their smartphones.

As a result of this, businesses and consumers have pivoted to online shopping and more people are shopping online than ever before.

Forward-thinking brands are using new channels to reach the quarantined consumer and text messaging is at the top of their list.

Time Spent On Smartphones

According to a recent survey by Traub, the quarantined consumer has spent more time on social media apps and streaming. During this time, the consumer is looking for ways to stay connected with friends, family, and most importantly the businesses that can deliver their needs and wants.

Historically, businesses have to be where the consumer is, never the other way around. 

And the way businesses have shifted in recent months proves it to be true.

DTC Is The Business

I am particularly amazed by how fast business has adapted. From small businesses to the largest brands, many businesses have quickly pivoted from brick and mortar to DTC online shopping experiences.

Snickers, Heinz Ketchup, PepsiCo, and many brands have launched their brands direct-to-consumer in record times. And with thousands of retail stores shutting down across the US, it’s no secret that DTC has become the primary way to conduct commerce.

Shopify reported seeing a surge in online stores being created since the outbreak.

As consumers discover how easy it is to shop online, they'll discover new DTCs with better products.

And many consumers are developing new shopping habits that will remain post COVID-19.

Change In Marketing Strategy

With the consumers and the businesses shifting their attention online, advertising has to shift online and particularly on the mobile device.

Our mobile messaging partner Attentive reported:

“Online sales over the past month have continued to trend upwards—even after a significant spike in sales and deals offered in April—as shoppers are relying on e-commerce to make the bulk of their purchases. Over the past month, online sales for May are pacing up 14.29% compared to April. “Discretionary” purchases—like beauty and home decor items—are continuing to see a rise in sales. Meanwhile, “staple” categories like Pets have begun to plateau now that consumers have adjusted to ordering essentials online. Memorial Day weekend promotions appeared to have helped consumers take action on limited-time deals.”

With eCommerce trending upwards and many holiday campaigns coming up, forward-thinking brands are relying on text marketing to get their messages directly to customers.

How Text Marketing Changed Amid COVID-19

Text is no longer a promotional channel. It is not considered a way to reach your customers directly, with the right message at the right time.

COVID-19 made text marketing an essential channel for both the consumer and the marketer. 

With many products going out of stock, our clients used text to notify their customers when products are back in stock.

Many back in stock campaigns run by the Conversmart team sold out of products within minutes. Many of these campaigns had average Open Rates of 99% and average Clickthrough Rates of 50 - 65%.

Marketers have never seen numbers like these before on any other channel.

We also compiled the top replies we received from consumers via text and the responses were overwhelmingly positive. 

Here are a few:

Due to how essential text marketing has become, marketers are also taking a full-funnel approach to text marketing.

For many years, marketers have structured their email marketers to send the right message, to the right customer, at the right time.

With your text platform integrated with your online store, you can reach customers with triggered messages at every step of the funnel.

Our click through rate performance numbers are the highest we’ve ever seen post COVID-19.

Welcome Series: Average Open 99% with a 23% average click through rate

Abandoned Cart/Browse: Average Open 99% with a 22% average click through rate

Post Purchase: Average Open 99% with an 18% average click through rate

With consumers claiming to retain these shopping habits beyond COVID-19, text marketing stands as a viable channel for brands to reach their customers directly, build meaningful relationships, and generate millions of dollars in revenue.


The data shows that direct-to-consumer is now the business. The quarantined consumer’s attention has shifted to mobile and online. Most businesses that have survived have followed suit.

The brands that succeed are the brands taking advantage of underpriced attention long before the majority catches on.

With 99% Open rates and 20 - 30% Clickthrough Rates, text marketing is the underpriced attention of 2020.

From sales, promotions, content to full funnel retargeting, you can convert your customers in any way that fits your brand.

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