Case Study


How we helped the largest survival food company in the U.S. scale SMS.


Their story

4Patriots, a company came to life at a kitchen table in Nashville, Tennessee with a notepad and pen. They wanted to build something real; something that could really help people and provide real solutions to the problems that we, our families and our friends, encountered every day.

4Patriots offers high-quality survival products that helps their customers to become more self-reliant and independent.

For years, the 4Patriots team had been looking for ways to reach its audience with targeted messages that convert. With declining email performance, they knew there had to be a better way to run their end of year campaign. They wanted to launch a giveaway campaign and a waitlist for their end of year campaign.


Running an end of year campaign.

Opting-in for their giveaway also puts you on the waitlist for the end of year sale.

To opt-in, potential customers entered their email and phone numbers. The incentive to enter the
phone number was that they’d get early access to the sale.

We integrated the form with the SMS platform via Zapier to ensure customers received their opt-in confirmation.

The results were indeed above our expectations. Even with a demographic skewing older, text messaging delivered a 455X ROI including almost perfect open rates and double digit clickthrough rates.