Case Study

How We Increased ROI by 203% for Big Blanket Using Advanced Text Marketing

How We Increased ROI by 203% for Big Blanket Using Advanced Text Marketing

Their story

Big Blanket Co uncovered a problem that we all have, but no one had done anything about (until now). The average throw blanket is 50” x60,” and the average human is 65” tall. The math didn’t add up, so they set out to create the biggest, best blankets in the world. At 10’ x 10’, BigBlankets are large enough to cover an entire family, end the blanket war between partners, or just layer yourself into a human burrito.

Their Goal: Increase Customer Acquisition and Conversion Rates

We set out to boost engagement and conversion rates for Big Blanket Co by implementing fun, personalized, and valuable campaigns, automations, and dynamic segmentation strategies. We continuously tested, optimized, and refreshed these strategies based on seasonality, limited-time offers, and new data-driven insights. The following is an example of the very first split test we implemented to increase subscriber acquisition:

We split tested three opt-in form variants:

  1. Different creative backgrounds
  2. Incentive versus non-incentive
  3. Full-screen versus partial screen form

For each variant, we monitored and evaluated the following KPIs to determine the best performing opt-in variant:

  • Impressions served
  • CTR (and total clicks)
  • Both SMS + email (if applicable) sign-ups
  • CVR

We leveraged this data to improve the following test and ultimately scale the highest converting opt-in. As a result, Big Blanket Co increased its existingSMS subscriber list by 30X in the last quarter, increased ROI by 203%, and generated an average of $1.54 revenue/message.

Results Included

  • Increased subscriber list by 30X in one quarter
  • Increased ROI by 203%
  • Generated an average of $1.54 in revenue/message

Company info

Name: Big Blanket

Year Founded: 2018

Industry: Blankets


Increase in subscriber list


Average revenue/message


Average revenue/message