Emmett Shine

August 27, 2020

In this session of The Personal Mastery Podcast, we have Emmett Shine speak about the importance of being as lean and iterative as possible while creating. Emmett has been interested in incorporating how to make being home “cool”. How he’s avoided letting work dominate his life and has normalized spending more time at home.
He is the Co-Founder and ECD at Pattern Brands. Emmett’s creative mind has been the source of establishing the look, feel and digital interfaces of modern brands like Harry’s, Recess, and Sweetgreen. Early stage investments through Gin Lane in SmileDirectClub (IPO), Stadium Goods (acq. by Farfetch), Hims, Cadre, Quip, Haus, & more. Advisor to Care/Of, Recess, Mini Social, Geneva, Sunday Goods, Arbor Energy, Shhhowercap. Founding team at JAJA Tequila. 🎨
Pattern is a multi- brand consumer goods company and has all brands work together towards one mission: To help our generation find more enjoyment in daily life. They are creating a family of purposeful brands with products and guidance that inspire you to learn, explore, and lay the foundation for a more present life. Each brand provides the essentials to make, shape, and grow a home — the center of daily life.

You can learn more about Emmett below:
Website: Emmettshine.com
Website: Patternbrands.com
Instagram: @Emmett
Twitter: @emmettshine